GAN and Variational Autoencoders

GAN and Variational Autoencoders Generative Adversarial Networks and Variational Autoencoders I am looking for a Machine Learning Engineer who can confidently teach me the foundations (the deep mathematical concepts) and the applications of GANs and Variational Autoencoders. 

GAN and Variational Autoencoders
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The successful tutor will have applied these technologies numerous times in various ways.

GAN and Variational Autoencoders up-to-date research

They will have a firm grasp of not only the mathematical concepts, up to date research, and deep learning frameworks (preferably Keras).
Tutoring would be weekly and I would be wanting the sessions to be packed full of useful information. I’m happy to do many tutoring sessions but they should not drag on. I like to be given lots of information that has been well prepared.
These are some of the subjects I want to Master:
– Loading in data (using a range of methods)
– Gaining a sharp intuition for correctly shaping and inputting data structures
– Creating the architecture
– Saving models
– Generating new samples from the models
– Using EC2 and SW3 from AWS
– + bonus points for applying these to actual websites, apps, GUIs
– Using the latest tools for the purposes of deep learning and GANs
Some of the projects I expect to be highly competent at:
Generating images from model in which I’ve supplied my own data
– Generating music (not expecting it to sound good!)
– Reconstruction of images/deblurring
– Google deep dream type project
Generating other kinds of data

GAN and Variational Autoencoders Interesting projects

If the successful tutor does a good job I will provide bonuses on a monthly basis.
Project Type: Ongoing project
You will be asked to answer the following questions when submitting a proposal:
Please link me to relevant, interesting projects that you’ve done. Include any blog posts, linkedin profile, videos, papers that you’ve created/published. Convey as much as possible how you would work to mmaximize my learning experience.

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