Genealogy of the Selected Theory

Genealogy of the Selected Theory Will be a genealogy of the selected theory.

Genealogy of the Selected Theory
Genealogy of the Selected Theory

The student will describe the major ideas and tenets of the theory and identify the scholar(s) associated with this theory and its philosophical precedents. You may also choose to add your own analysis of the theory, including why you chose this theory and why you think it is a valid (or invalid) theory. The inaugural issue of Genealogy invites essays on the topic, “What is Genealogy?”. The goal of the issue is to offer an introduction to genealogy studies, which is unprecedented in its scope; highlighting the contributions that genealogical theory and methods can make to an interdisciplinary array of research interests. Contributors are asked to explain how genealogical research and/or theory pertains to their discipline or sub-discipline (answering the question “What is Genealogy?”, as viewed from this disciplinary standpoint). The inaugural issue also seeks to provide a more rigorous theoretical foundation for genealogy studies and invites contributions that aim to strengthen the theoretical and/or epistemological framework for genealogy studies.

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