Guided Argumentative Research Essay

Guided Argumentative Research Essay Choose a clear and arguable position. According to Bullock et al. in The Norton Field Guide to Writing with Readings and Handbook, an arguable position means “a position (which) reflect(s) one of at least two points of view, making reasoned argument necessary” (169).

Guided Argumentative Research Essay
Guided Argumentative Research Essay

Try to choose a substantive issue that intrigues you. Don’t forget to use the rhetorical appeals of ethos, pathos, and logos to reach your audience. Similarly, a “trustworthy tone” is important because it shows readers you are fair-minded and honest (169). Essentially, you are choosing a side on an issue and explaining to the reader WHY you believe your position is correct based upon your evidence.

Persuasive Paper on Guided Argumentative Research Essay

This is a persuasive paper.
Be sure to include the necessary background information (context) so that readers can understand the topic. Provide sound reasons to back up your position. Give “convincing evidence” to back up your reasons, including “facts, statistics, expert testimony, anecdotal evidence, case studies, textual evidence” (169). The evidence you use must include a minimum of four academic sources—dating back to 2000 and no earlier—in a thoughtful way. Your essay must also include one counterargument (the opposite view of your position), as well as your rebuttal (response) to this opposing viewpoint.
Follow MLA formatting standards, including the use of signal phrases to identify new sources, proper in-text citations, and Works Cited pages.

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