Gun Laws Enforced in the United States

Gun Laws Enforced in the United States Review the following essays by answering the questions.

Gun Laws Enforced in the United States
Gun Laws Enforced in the United States
  1. Does the writer use proper MLA formatting throughout the essay? Comment on the header, title, margins, font, spacing, etc.
  2. Does the essay meet the length requirement (3-5 pages)? Explain if not.
  3. Does the author include works cited page and in-text citations? Is it in MLA format? Comment on any errors you see or ask questions about the citations. Make suggestions on how to correct the errors.
  4. Does the introduction “” your attention? Is there a clearly stated thesis in this paragraph? 5. What is the thesis? What can the writer do to improve it? Is the purpose of the essay clear? What is it?
  5. Is there enough background information?
  6. Which type of evidence (facts, statistics, examples, anecdotes, scenarios, experts) does the writer use? State these below.
  7. Is there enough evidence to make a strong argument? Why or why not? Does the writer use too much of one type of evidence?
  8. Are opposing opinions brought up? How are they handled? Explain below. Does the writer refute (prove wrong) these views? Does the writer respond to them at all? Comment on this below.
  9. Does the conclusion drive the main point home? Do you leave the essay remembering the main idea? Comment on this below.
  10. Overall, is the essay convincing? If you were a member of the opposition, would you be swayed a little, a lot, or not at all by this essay? Why or why not?
  11. Does the essay have unity?
  12. What is the one thing this writer could do to make her/his essay stronger?
  13. What is the strongest aspect of this essay?
  14. Make any other suggestions that you feel will help the writer improve his or her essay.

Should there be Stricter Gun Laws Enforced in the United States?

Gun control has been a controversial topic that has many questioning the gun laws that are currently being enforced. Gun control is a set of policies that regulate the sale, manufacture, transfer, possess, and modify guns. Should there be stricter gun laws enforced in the United States? If there were stricter gun laws that were enforced would that result in more or less accessibility by individuals? There should not be stricter gun laws. Many individuals have numerous guns and believe that stricter gun laws would prohibit them from purchasing more. Regardless of how strict the gun laws are, a person who is not legally allowed to own a gun will still find a way around the laws and acquire one.

Gun Laws Enforced in the United States

Stricter gun laws such as mandatory safety features would reduce the number of accidental deaths. By implementing that gun manufacturers place mandatory safety features on guns the risks of accidental discharge would be greatly lowered, “Safe storage requirements and required safety features on all gun (Degrazia 2014)”. Safe storage requirements for individuals purchasing guns would make the accessibility of those guns not as easily obtainable by those who should not have access to them such as children in the home.  Stricter gun laws are not needed, better education about guns and guns safety however is. Instead of implementing stricter gun laws, steps should be taken to educate. Gun owners should be taking the steps to educate their children and other family members on the importance of gun safety. Without education, it truly is not going to make a difference if the laws are tougher because individuals still run the risk of being harmed.

Gun Laws Enforced in the United States

Stricter gun laws would reduce gun deaths. “Firearm homicide rates were highest in counties in states with the weakest state laws and where neighboring states also had laws of low or medium strength (Wise 2018).” Gun control regulation varies from state to state.  Implementing stricter and universal gun laws across all states would show a reduction in gun deaths across all lines not just those states with tougher laws.  Stricter gun laws do not deter gun crimes. Violence is universal. The same person who did everything by the book, even if stricter gun laws were enforced, could very well be that person that takes another’s life. Gun violence is one of erratic passion and stricter gun laws cannot change that. Stricter gun laws will not reduce the number of gun-related deaths, guns do not kill people, people kill people. No matter how strict the gun law, if a person wants to hurt someone they are going to do it regardless of the law and regardless of the weapon.

According to Joseph Blochers & Darrell Miller, particularly in places with few recognizable gun control laws, “gun neutral” civil and criminal rules are an important but often-unnoticed basis for the legal regulation of guns. The burden that these rules impose on the keeping and bearing of arms are times significant, but they are also incidental (Blocher & Miller 2016).   The Second Amendment was meant to protect the right for the militias to own guns not the rights of the U.S. citizens. The Second Amendment was meant to protect the rights for all who were able to help in the militia to keep peace and protect the country.  The government wants to take this right away from the citizens of the United States as a form of control over the law-abiding citizens of this country. The Second Amendment is just giving the United States citizens the right to bear arms, it is a protection against the government.  The state laws are the ones that regulate gun rules. Stricter gun laws will just increase the citizens of the United States to continue to rebel against the government, forcing the government to continue to use the power that they have in ways that they should not. This controversial topic will continue to go around and around between the government and the United States citizens regardless of what the Second Amendment says.

In conclusion, the United States should not enforce stricter gun laws on the law-abiding citizens because regardless of how strict the laws may be, those who are not allowed to have guns will still find a way to get one. There should be better education on gun safety to prevent accidental gun death. Lastly, the government should leave the Constitution alone, it has worked for this country all of these years why change it now.

Gun Laws Enforced in the United States Reference

Blocher, Joseph, and Darrell A. H. Miller. “What is Gun Control? Direct Burdens, Incidental Burdens, and the Boundaries of the Second Amendment.” The University of Chicago Law Review, vol. 83, no. 1, 2016, pp. 295-355. ProQuest,

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Wise, Jacqui. “Stronger US Gun Laws are Linked to Lower Homicide and Suicide Rates.” Bmj, 2018, doi:10.1136/bmj.k1030.

The Future of Auto’s

The world around is forever changing, from the media and politicians, to technology and automobiles. As humans evolve and become smarter, technology has to change with the growing demand. The future of automobiles is shifting to use alternative fuels like electric battery packs to reduce the heavy amount of pollution. But is this the correct decision? While keeping up with growing technological demands, the automotive industry is heading in the right direction.

Change is very difficult for most people, but change needs to happen for developing technology to flourish. When it comes to changing the automotive world, it cannot change rapidly. With millions of vehicles being driven every day, and all over the world, the change will come at a slow but everlasting pace. A reason to embrace the electric vehicle is the reduction in pollution and health problems caused by pollution. Present day vehicles put off carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, and other small particles that overall create a powerful haze put into our environment. This is believed to contribute to asthma and eye irritation. It is also believed that automotive emissions can cause heart disease, birth defects, and cancer. If changing transportation can reduce any of the health conditions listed, then society, as a whole, needs to give alternative fuels a shot. Some struggles people might have with electric vehicles are range anxiety and how long it takes to recharge. In 2013, Mercedes built an all-electric car that only had a range of 68 miles per charge. That short distance is very frightening for most people, and recharge times based solely on the amount over power drawn during the charge. If you are using a regular wall charger, it can take all night. There is a light at the end of the range anxiety tunnel though. In the ever-changing tech world, recharge times are shortening and range has drastically increased. The newest Tesla Model S has a range of up to 335 miles, and at a supercharger station you can recharge 170 miles in just 15 minutes. That is a remarkable difference, in just six years we went from the 2013 Mercedes with 68-mile range to the 2019 Tesla with 335-mile range. With the new tech advances moving in, the range anxiety will be a thing of the past…

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