Healthcare Information System Selection Team

Healthcare Information System Selection Team Introduction and Alignment
The failure of HIS implementation is high. To ensure that a system aligns with organizational goals, integrates with other systems and infrastructure, and is user friendly, a team of healthcare professionals should be involved in system selection.

Healthcare Information System Selection Team
Healthcare Information System Selection Team

In addition, the system needs to adhere to government standards, such as HIPAA, and address challenges related to healthcare costs, quality of care, medical errors, and so on.

Healthcare Information System Selection Team Assignment Requirements

Upon completion of this assignment, you should be able to:
• Evaluate major challenges facing healthcare delivery systems today.
• Textbook: Information Systems for Healthcare Management
Background Information
Recent changes in healthcare reform, such as those covered under the Affordable Care Act legislation of 2010, create new challenges.  For example, now more people have health insurance coverage because the Act expanded coverage to those with pre-existing conditions.  Also, children are now allowed to stay under their parents’ insurance plan until the age of 26.  Changes such as these may cause health insurance providers and healthcare institutions to update their systems to be in compliance; it is important to consider the people who will form the team in charge of these updates.  New legislation is just one reason why you may want administrators with legal knowledge on the system selection team and/or to build a workflow into system updates that is specifically designed to ensure compliance with laws.  Having knowledge-enabled workflows is just one way to reduce costs through efficiency.  The cost of not being legally compliant is much greater in the long run when penalties are imposed on the institution or when litigation is necessary.

Assignment Instructions for Healthcare Information System Selection Team

1. Your journal is a place where you can record thoughts regarding a specific topic or assignment.  Think of the journal as a personal, one-to-one communication tool between you and your instructor.  Journal entries are only viewable by you and the instructor.
2. In your textbook Information Systems for Healthcare Management , read Chapter 1, “Connecting the Strategic Dots: Does HIT Matter?”
3. In your journal for this week, reflect and respond (in a minimum of three paragraphs) to the following prompts:
a. Imagine an organization in which a team of professionals is working to select a new health information system.  Based on your reflection:
i. Describe what this team might look like.
ii. Explain why you chose the team members.
iii. Explain how their various roles contribute to the process.
4. To submit your journal entry, follow these steps:
a. Enter the name of your journal.
b. Compose your journal entry
c. Title your entry, “Workshop 1 Ch.1 HIS Selection Team.”
d. Review the following grading rubric to ensure that your journal entry fulfills the requirements.
Assignment 2 Note {1 page)
Throughout the workshops in this course, you will work on an HIT System Selection Project.  For this project, you will act as the person in charge of selecting new systems and managed services in your organization.  Your project is a request for a new HIT system or to outsource an existing service.  In this role, you have been asked to create a full proposal for your project and present it to the Board of Directors (BOD) at the next quarterly advisory board meeting.  Consider selecting a current HIT need at your organization for your project.
Your presentation will discuss your proposed topic in depth.  The presentation should also address how the selection will be aligned with the organization’s HIT strategy, its operational effectiveness, and the competitive advantage of the recommended solution.  Highlights from the development of the Information Technology Business Case and the HIT return on investment should be included in your presentation as well.  Refer to Exhibit 13.5 in the textbook (page 355).
Background Information
Keep a journal of all the applicable resources related to your project as you progress through the workshops.  Post any questions you have to the “HIT Systems Selection Project” discussion forum.  The completed project is due at the end of the course, at which time you will submit your final presentation using Dropbox.
Your final PowerPoint presentation should have approximately 15 to 20 slides.  In addition to text, you should use images to help explain your concepts.  Be sure to document your sources in APA 6th edition format.
1. For the purpose of this workshop, you will submit your topic proposal to the instructor.
2. Select your project topic.
3. Be sure to include your project title in the title of your journal.

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