History of Architecture Essay Paper

History of Architecture Essay Paper Temple: Maison Carree follows these steps:

History of Architecture
History of Architecture

PICTURES: Provide at least 10clear images/drawings of the building including at least one floor plan. The floor plan must show the location of the views shown, and where north is located. Mark these on the plan using small triangles to point and numbers to label. These can be drawn using the ìshapesîtool in Microsoft Word. Label each image Fig. 1, Fig. 2 etc. and refer to them in the text like this (Fig. 1). Fit only one portrait or two landscape orientation images per page. Make sure the images are clear. 300dpi is a good resolution for scanning images from books.

History of Architecture Essay Paper

QUESTIONS FOR THE PARAGRAPHS: answer as many of the following questions as possible. You must include answers for each category but you are not limited to the questions shown.1. BUILDING BACKGROUNDï Who designed it and when was it built?ï What are the physical dimensions of this building? In feet!no meters, make the conversions as needed. ïHow many stories tall is it? Assume that one story is about 12 feet tall. ïDescribe the surroundings (site) where the building is located, and how this affects/influences the building design.2. BUILDING CONSTRUCTIONïHow was it originally built/erected? ïWhat materials were used and why? ïWhere did they come from? ïHow where materials held together? ïWhat tools were used to shape and put the materials together? ïDo not give a history of how many times over the building was re-built or changed over time, focus on the original construction/design.3. BUILDING FUNCTIONïWhat was the building used for or what activities took place in this building? ïExplain how the activities determined the shape and location of the rooms and vice versa. Explain how the activities affect the overall form of the building. ïMake your explanation as detailed as possible.

History of Architecture Essay Paper

Assume you are describing the activities to someone who is unfamiliar with them.4. ARCHITECTURAL PERIODïWhat was the architecture of this period like? ïWhat types of buildings were common to this period? Why were these common?ïWhat features does this building have in common with others of the era?5. ARCHITECTUREïWhat are the most beautiful architectural features of this building? How are they beautiful? What makes them so?ï

What are the most interesting architectural features? Why are they interesting? What makes them so? ïDo not give again a

physical description of the building, nor of the parts of the building, instead evaluative it, reach your own conclusions.

History of Architecture Essay Paper

ïWhy is this building unique in its time? What makes it unique? ïDid this building try to express anything special on the outside? In the inside?ïWhere there any symbolic reasons for some parts or the whole of the building? ïDid the shapes of

the floor plan, or the shapes of the section create something special beyond the function? ïWas this building influenced by

earlier buildings? Which ones? How was it influenced? What parts show it? ïDid this building influence later buildings?

Which ones? How? What parts show it?

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