Homeowners Insurance Written Assignment

Homeowners Insurance Written Assignment (100 points; 10% of total grade.)
Homeowners insurance is available in several forms and includes both property and liability coverages. This assignment requires you to research the standard

Homeowners Insurance Written Assignment
Homeowners Insurance Written Assignment

ISO Homeowners insurance program and address the following subjects:
1. Identify the general categories of parties eligible for coverage under the Insurance Services Office (ISO) 2011 Homeowners insurance program.
2. Identify and explain the differences between the various coverage forms (i.e., HO-2, HO-3, etc.). Be sure to provide an example of a situation where each
coverage form might be the optimal coverage choice.
3. Explain the protection that is provided by each of the coverages under Section II of the Homeowners insurance program.
4. Identify and explain the elements of the Homeowners insurance contract. Describe what purpose each element serves and examples of what may be found in
each part of the contract that you identify.
5. Locate a news report or article that somehow relates to Homeowners insurance, briefly summarize the article, and explain how the article ties into one or
more concepts from chapters five and six of the textbook.
Your document should be 2-4 double-spaced pages in length and submitted to the FerrisConnect assignment link. Be sure to include a references page and cite
those references when used in your text, following proper APA format. Your document should include at least one additional reference beyond the textbook.
Your document will be evaluated based on the following criteria:
? Comprehensiveness (adequately addressing the five points above).
? Critical Thought & Accuracy (evidence of critical thought and an accurate understanding of the concepts).
? Grammar & Spelling (the document is well written and without grammar or spelling errors, includes proper references and citation of sources).
? Professionalism (timely submission, following all instructions)

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