HRM and Business Management Essay Assignment

HRM and Business Management
HRM and Business Management

Final Exam (HRM and Business Management)


Human resources and its management within any organization play a significant role in ensuring productivity and most important success of these organizations. To achieve goals and objective within an organization, it is essential for leaders and managers to focus on ways that will help to improve their human resources and most important to consider human resource managers that will be effective in impacting their employees to quickly and successfully achieve their roles and objectives. Human resource managers, in this case, must be capable of aligning their strategies with the organizational needs and mostly with the purposes, performance, and aims of their employees in general.

  1. Assume the role of CEO of an organization of your choice (specify the organization or type of organization in your answer). Detail three steps you would take to ensure that your organization’s HR manager was a strategic partner and not just a transactional HR manager. Your answer should be specific to the challenges confronting the organization you identified (i.e., do not just identify generic ways to make an HR manager a strategic partner).

A strategic HR manager will focus primarily on creating a connection between an organization’s human resources with its goals, objectives, and strategies.  As the CEO of Foot Locker, Inc., which is a sportswear and footwear retailer, my objectives to ensure the human resource manager is a strategic partner will be to provide that the HR manager will focus on the following steps that include; improving innovations, advantage when it comes to creating effective completion and flexibility, development of a fit purpose in consideration to the organization’s needs and also to ensure that the manager will improve their performances to enhance HR’s values. Therefore, an HR manager, in this case, will be able to assess the organization’s current HR capacity, forecast demand and supply their requirements and lastly matching these demands and the supply thus promoting the manager’s HR strategic capabilities.

  1. Discuss the importance of job analysis and the job description in a) meeting the organization’s legal obligations and b) assisting the organization in staffing management.

The success of an organization will depend primarily on the performance of their employees. When it comes to meeting the legal obligations of the organization, job analysis and descriptions helps to recruit and select human resources that will fit perfectly to the different needs of the organization. Other than that, it helps to determine the required scope and extent of training needed within the organization and evaluate a particular job in which the worth of the position will require to be assessed. On the other hand, staffing management job analysis and description will play a role in ensuring that supervisors can effectively assign work to different subordinates to ensure they guide and monitor performances. Other than that, it also helps in recruiting and making a selection for procedures required. Lastly, it will provide effective planning of the workforce within the organization.

  1. Identify a type of organization that you worked for in the past, currently work for, or wish to work for in the future. Then, thinking as an HR manager, broadly identify four external environmental factors that are or could impact the HR efforts of your firm. After you have broadly identified these factors, discuss each in further detail by discussing the specific impact (positive or negative) each could have on the identified organization’s HR efforts. This last part of the discussion needs to be specific to the organization you identified (as opposed to general impacts). Remember to focus your answer on HR.

There are four main factors could affect HM managers’ efforts. These factors include government regulations, economic conditions, technological advancement, and workforce demographics. Government regulations have resulted in the introduction of new and different standards for workplace compliance, which in my case, resulted in constant pressure on the processes of human resource department. The shape and condition of the current economy tend to affect talent pool and also the ability for the HR manager to effectively hire employees to work for the organization which will affect the organization and its performance. Change in technology will affect human resource department through altering ways in which they take decisions to save money for the organizations.  HR managers consider this as a positive impact on the organization. Work demographics tend to affect the hiring of new employees while those that are old retire which may result in different types of compensation packages on the younger generations.

  1. You are the top HR manager for a multi-location technical college that is shifting from exclusively domestic campuses to a technical college that is now going to be opening branch campuses in other countries. Your CEO has asked you to develop a report discussing the four main human resource challenges the expansion will present to the institution. Identify the issues that will be in your report and discuss your recommendation for dealing with these issues. Your recommendations must be HR initiatives.

When expending the organization, one of the challenges that I would face as the HR manager includes the following; attracting and retaining more talents that would help to cater for the needs and objectives of the new business. The solution is this case will be to know the requirements of new jobs that will be available in the new and improved organization. The second challenge is embracing change with ease and grace. With the expansion of the firm, employees will be exposed to a new environment. As the HR manager, I will focus on managing morale, happiness, coronation and constantly up-skilling employees allowing them to meet the changing needs. Other than that, there will be a challenge of managing diversity as globalization will affect the organization and to cater to this need, I will create different awareness programs to help employees realize the essence of diversity. Last, there is fostering of culture and continuous learning. It is essential to focus on building awareness for employees in this case.

  1. Assume the role of HR manager for an organization of your choice. Specify the organization or type of organization in your answer.

Part 1: Explain how AND where you would obtain information to do a salary survey to develop pay grades for your organization. Do not just list general sources, but instead provide SPECIFIC sources (such as those unique to your industry) and why you selected these sources.

To do a salary survey and develop pay grades, I would evaluate different positions without any employee. This way allows assessing the worth of the job in consideration to the organization and not what should be paid to a person .the roe is to set and determine salaries.

Part 2: Identify the most important three compensable factors you would use when setting pay grades. Explain why you would select each for your organization’s pay grades. You must have 3-4 compensable factors identified and explained.

Factors that I would select are efforts, skill, and responsibility. I would consider ability as the organization will be intensive in terms of knowledge and depend significantly on human capital. , in this case, will be because each of the available positions will have the potential to affect others while efforts help in problem-solving.

Part 3: What other jobs in your organization are unique and might be difficult to benchmark for compensation comparison purposes. Identify AND discuss.

Jobs that are hard to do benchmarking are mainly those that have a higher rank than that of the HR manager. As the HR manager, in this case, it will be hard to determine and come up with a valid conclusion for this activity.

  1. Part 1: Your organization (a place you currently work or have worked in the past) has plenty of deficiencies. As a result, the top manager of your organization has decided to put you in charge of training. Besides the additional work, there is one more problem- the top manager did not address which deficiencies need addressed. He/She basically left it up to you to figure out what the most pressing deficiencies are. Describe in detail the process you would undertake to assess the most pressing training needs for your organization. In addition, make an educated guess on what the three most pressing needs would be. Be sure to specify the organization (or at least the type of organization).

For Foot Locker, Inc., training needs include consideration of background information with specific, recommendations of the culture of the organization.  Other than that, I will have to know and understand those involved for evaluation.

Part 2: Now that you have identified the training needs, outline the training process for each training needed.

For the process of training, I would focus on the resources that are available for practice with my primary focus being on the mission and goals of the firm. Other than that, I will also focus on supports that senior management and managers will be able to offer when providing the training.

  1. Part 1: Providing specific examples from an organization (mention the name or type of organization in your answer) you worked for in the past, currently work for, or wish to work for in the future, discuss the following: Measure taken to ensure the safety of employees; Measures taken to ensure the health of employees (health insurance does not count for this answer); Measures taken to ensure the physical security of employees. Note: DO NOT reveal any secret security measures. Part 2: Assume that you are HR manager of the organization and state what the business (as opposed to ethical) objective would be for the measures taken for each category above. Be sure to discuss each category.

To ensure the safety of employees, I will ensure that I assess any risks on the environment based on the nature of our organization. These assessments will in turn help in the development of policies and procedures that would effectively identify these risks. For physical security, I will focus mainly on following both provincial and federal regulations that will cater to physical guards. For health measure, I will ensure that employees have a good understanding of different emergency procedures that will provide primary healthcare needs in case of any healthcare problem.

  1. You are the firm’s HR manager. Your CEO has brought the following two problems to you to solve. For each problem, DISCUSS three solutions you would propose for each problem. Thus, you should have a total of six solutions discussed. Problem 1) The organization’s health care costs need lowered. Problem 2) Employees aren’t using the benefits that are available to them.

Cutting back on support staff; this will ensure that the expenses of health care services within the organization are reduced reducing the cost of these services. Second, it is essential to avoid under-invest in both space and also types of equipment to lower the productivity of health resources that are expensive. Lastly, it is also important to involve employees to give opinions on what they think will best fit their needs. To ensure employees use benefits available to them, I would ensure that they get to understand well these benefits and how they impact theme. Other than that, I would also come up with regulation and rule that would control the use and also ensure each person is involved.  Lastly, I could consider them to be paid for minimum cost allowing employees to use as they have paid for them.

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