Human Resource Training Modules

Human Resource Training Modules Select a trainer or vendor.
Will you use a(n) in-house trainer(s) or use a vendor? Justify your choice. How will you train the people who will be conducting the training? [Note: Your group may justify using a vendor, but for this project you will design, develop, implement, and assess the training as if you were doing it yourself.] Choose a training manual or textbook(s).

Human Resource Training Modules
Human Resource Training Modules

Defend your selection. (~1 page).
2. Choose and justify the training methods and/or media and justify why those are appropriate. Examples include: Classroom, online, workbooks, videos, public seminars, self-study programs, role plays, audio tapes, case studies, games or simulations, videoconferencing, broadcast TV, teleconference, or experiential exercise. (~1/2 pages) Strategic HR, inc. wants to continue to bring you the resources you need to have to be successful in your job.

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