The Importance of the 13th Amendment

The Importance of the 13th Amendment Write an argument for a new Constitutional Amendment.

The Importance of the 13th Amendment
The Importance of the 13th Amendment

Adopt an historical persona by which you choose an existing Constitutional Amendment, engage with the argument that took place regarding your chosen amendment, and contribute a new argument. If you choose this option, you need to identify the rhetorical situation first (e.g., name the constitutional convention or congressional session, identify the historical figures who argued for and against the amendment, provide background on the causes for the amendment’s need, etc.). Then, you need to introduce your historical persona (i.e., make up and name a person who would have reasonably existed at the time and been positioned to propose or argue for or against an amendment). Briefly establish this persona’s credibility.

The Importance of the 13th Amendment Essay Paper

Finally, spend the majority of your paper arguing for or against your chosen amendment using what you have learned about rhetorical arguments. Your argument needs to be appropriate to the historical and political context of your selected amendment (i.e., rely on logical, credible, and scholarly sources). It also must be a nuanced position. While you need to address the arguments that existed at the time, you cannot merely forward a preexisting argument. This assignment requires you to invent a new position on an existing amendment as though your persona existed and participated in the argument at the time.

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