Iconography and Symbolism of Provincial Court in Canada

Iconography and Symbolism of Provincial Court in Canada The essay should include:

  1. Proper citations and references in Chicago (author-date) style

    Iconography and Symbolism of Provincial Court in Canada
    Iconography and Symbolism of Provincial Court in Canada
  2. An introduction, thesis statement, and roadmap
  3. A conclusion that summarizes the argument and evidence

You need to visit a courtroom in Canada. While you are there, look for the following:

o How is the courtroom set up? Who is in there? How are they presenting themselves? How do they interact with each other?

What are their different roles?

o How does what you observe relate to the reading (I HAVE SHARED THE READING!!)

o How are different genders, race, ethnic and social groups represented?

o Is there anything that surprised you? Or was really interesting?

Your essay should be an analysis of your observations. Choose two or three areas to focus on. Describe what you saw and relate that back to the course material. Your essay should make an argument and specify your chosen focus.

The essay must be 750 words or less, plus references. It should be double-spaced and have a title that reflects the argument.

Your essay will be marked out of 20 based on the marking guide below.

Iconography and Symbolism of Provincial Court in Canada Writing

Very well written & clearly organized. Contains a clear introduction, thesis and road map. The conclusion summarizes the argument and evidence. Excellent flow and sophisticated use of language.

Maximum score 5


Provides a nuanced description of the court visit. Demonstrates a clear and consistent understanding of course material.

Terms and concepts used correctly. Course readings are integrated into the paper.

Maximum score 5


The analysis has depth and nuance. It organizes and synthesizes evidence to reveal insightful patterns, differences, or similarities related to focus. Relates courtroom observations to course material.

Maximum score 5

Use of Information

Uses relevant sources of information including the textbook and assigned readings as evidence for the argument. Uses evidence where appropriate to support the argument. Consistently cites all sources including necessary elements and provides a list of references in proper Chicago style.

Maximum score 5

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