Incident and Disruption Management

Incident and Disruption Management
Incident and Disruption Management

Operations Management: Incident and Disruption Management

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Please read the pages, beginning from where it says “Case Study: Convex Productions, Revisited” on the first page. I only need an answer for question number 1 on the third page. It does not necessarily have to be one entire page, just enough to answer the question. No sources or references needed either. Thank you


Operations Management: Incident and Disruption Management

In the event Convex Production plans to produce Native Sun, it is prone to many risks. One of the risks is human related risks, which most of the cases are inevitable. For example, a leading actor in the Native Sun might die unexpectedly. In some incidents, actors may become sick with flu when filming in places such as in London. The production of Native Sun is not limited to financial risks. This is because Convex Production receives funding from Malomar, and in the event production of the film is not productive, Convex production have agreed to purchase completion insurance for the project which guarantee the return of Malomar investment. Financial risks extend to the fact that in the event disruptions happen, Convex Production will be forced to fly in and out personnel throughout that period. This automatically would double its expenses while filming, and will end up tiring and complicating employees.

Convex Production estimates that filming will take place in three locations, which amounts to six weeks per location. However, they are posed to natural risks such as raining during the occasion. It is also aware that during filming, technical risks can occur which can take the form of permit to close streets expiring before filming there finishes in such place as in San Francisco. The climax of these disruptions poses Convex productions to reputation risks. This is because it can opt to skip marketing/reediting phase of post-production, therefore it will be edited one. This poses it a risk of not popular, which would annoy Malomar as it was nit the deal. Competition risks come last, as it with rumors, a rival company who rushes a similar story into production for release at the same time or earlier, which will pilfer Covex marketing efforts is on its move.

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