Increase in Prices of Homes or Food

Increase in Prices of Homes or Food Subject- introduction to micro economics.

Increase in Prices of Homes or Food
Increase in Prices of Homes or Food

you can choose increase in price of food if you want. . choose any one topic.
• 1000 words
• Typed in MS Word
• Paper should contain an introduction – what is it that you are going to talk about and where is it that you are going to take us.
• Body – supports your introduction.
• Conclusion – A conclusion does not have to be, ‘this is the way it is’ or ‘this is the way it will be’. A Marketing Professor I had (a graduate of Duke University) said over and over, “It depends.” Economics is very much like that. All of the models and equations and graphs in the world and it still “depends.” If you think in if/then statements you’re probably on the right track to drawing a conclusion.
• Effective use of graphs and charts are a requirement.
• Choose a good or service. It is always easier to choose a good or service you are familiar with.
• Well-written (grammatically and logically) papers will be well-received.
• Employ some concepts such as Production Possibilities Curves, Supply and Demand curves, Opportunity Costs, Law of Diminishing Returns, Price Elasticity, Profit Maximization, etc. Concept Dropping will not be rewarded .
• You are welcome to use bullets or lists where appropriate – this is not prose.
. Avoid writing a “book report.” And, this doesn’t have to be a ‘research’ paper.

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