International Business Strategy Report

International Business Strategy Report A 2000 word written report of a strategic analysis of a company / organization

International Business Strategy Report
International Business Strategy Report

Use model/frameworks
Manchester United
Royal Dutch Shell Group
Harley Davidson Inc
Birds Eye
The US Airline Industry
iPod v Cellphone
Executive summary
Brief case history
Data and methods – How do you go about doing research/collecting data (e.g. have you interviewed people? Have you gathered
information from secondary data sources)?
Strategic analysis (Please be selective and critical in using frameworks).
Strategic recommendations for the future.
There is no definitive list, but suggestions of models that can be used are resources/capability mapping (the RBV lecture),
strategic groups analysis (the industry analysis lecture), GE/McKinsey & Ansoff matrices etc. Have a look at the lecture
notes, the Grant text book, and Mintzberg’s Strategy Safari.

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