International Film Critique Assignment

International Film Critique
            International Film Critique

International Film Critique

The capstone essay asks you to consider a social injustice and its consequences that occur on a national level. This film assignment asks you to consider issues of international law.

Zero Dark 30 (capture of Osama Bin Laden)

Write a 3-4-page Critique on one of the above film assigned. Summarize the producer’s main message in no more than a half page. The remainder of the paper should reflect your opinion of the content of the film based on your knowledge of international law. Make specific references to scenes in the film that correlate with information you have gained in previous or current coursework. Cite all sources in-text according to the Hackers & Sommers APA Manual of Style required for this course.

Cautionary Notes

  •  Do not summarize the video.
  • Cite specific information from the film or outside works using the required APA Manual of style for this course.
  • Use 12 font, double spacing and 1 inch margins.

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