Reaction Paper To Film FIGHT CLUB

Reaction Paper To Film FIGHT CLUB
Reaction Paper To Film FIGHT CLUB

Reaction Paper To Film FIGHT CLUB

Professors instructions

Assignment: a 3 to 5 page reaction paper to the film Fight Club


  1. Assignment: to examine one of the following sociological topics in the film: gender, collective behavior or economy (see below.) You will need to pick one area to focus on for your paper. The questions are meant to guide you. You are not required to answer the questions in your essay, however they may help you in organizing your paper sociologically.
  2. Organization: You will need to format and organize this paper into a standard college essay. In order to do this, you will need a strong introduction with a thesis statement which summarizes your paper in one to two sentences. Use you thesis statement to show your understanding and interpretations of the film and how it portrays your chosen topic as well as how accurate that portrayal is. You will also want to make sure that your body is organized by topics with strong transitions. Finally, you will need a good conclusion which not only summarizes your paper but re-states and supports your thesis. All papers should be double spaced, for format use New Times Roman font 12pt. and should be formatted with 1î margins. The file must be in either in either Word or Google Document format, NO PDFs!!!!!!
  3. Paper Support: You will want to use lots of examples from the film and support your arguments with at least 3 academic outside sources (yes, you may use your text-book as one of these sources). Sources must be of the following types: 1) an article from an academic sociological journal. 2) an article using a sociological perspective from a specialized academic journal (such as a medical journal, or business journal). 3) An academic book which deals with the topic in a sociological manner. Pop magazines such as Newsweek and Times are not acceptable sources. If you use the internet you need to get my permission of the source before using it unless it is from a library database. Wikipedia is not an academic source.

There are several academic papers over the movie, it is ok to read them and use them for ideas, you must cite them and they do not count towards your 3 sources. Your outside sources should relate to the topic chosen NOT the movie!

  1. Citations: You will be required to make extensive references to the course readings. In order to give the authors’ credit for their ideas as well as avoid plagiarism, you will need to properly cite all of your quotations and paraphrases. In order to do this you will need both in paper citations and a bibliography or works cited reference page. I do not care which format (APA, MLA, ASA, etc,) you use for your references as long as you cite the authors. I have given you an example of ASA below:

For quotes (if you use more than three words from someone else, you need to quote them): To be or not to be, that is the question. (Shakespeare (Author), 1977 (Date of Publication), p. 888).

For paraphrases (summaries of others’ arguments): Macbeth ponders the meaning of life (Shakespeare, 1977).

In bibliography: (you must cite the works in your paper and have a bibliography)

Book: Author. Date Published. Title. Publishing city: Publisher. Example:

Shakespeare, William. 1977. Macbeth in William Shakespeare The Complete Works. Habrage, Alfred (ed.) England: Viking Publishing.

Article: Author. Date. Article Title, Journal. Volume #: page numbers. Example:

Clark, Eve. Fall 2006. How Not to Plagiarize, Introduction to Sociology. 1: 1-30.

  1. Topics: (Pick one)


What does the film tells us about gender? How does it define masculinity, femininity? What is the importance of violence in the film, what does it tell us about American manhood? Where are the women? Does this film describe a patriarchal society, if so how?

Collective Behavior and Group Behavior

What does the film tell as about the power of the group? How did the group control their lives? What does the film tells about leadership? Were these men acting rationally? What type of collective behavior was this, would you consider these men in a social movement? Why did the men join? Is it a successful movement?

Capitalism and Consumerism

What does the film tell us about Post-Industrial societies, what about capitalism? What is the importance of consumerism? Why is the main character not sleeping? What importance does money play in this world? What is the importance of the ending and how would it effect our capitalist society?

  1. This is your paper!: Although I hope the above guidelines help you start thinking about the various topics portrayed in the film, this paper is your way of demonstrating you understand your chosen topic and what you have learned about it throughout the semester. You can address these issues in the way you feel best demonstrates your understanding of the course and the topics we have covered. Just be sure your ideas are clear and well supported.

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