International Political Economy Essay

International Political Economy Essay The writer need to select any one question from the following questions:
(1) What are the strengths and limitations of orthodox (liberal) explanations of Northeast Asia’s post WWII development experience? How is East Asian development best accounted for?

International Political Economy Essay
International Political Economy

(2) “Free Trade Agreements harm countries’ development prospects.” Do you agree?
(3) Why did the IMF respond as it did to the Asian Financial Crisis of 1997-98? To what extent was this response appropriate?
(4) “The GFC proves that capitalism is a fundamentally flawed system.” Do you agree?
(5) “Greening” and “growing” the economy are incompatible goals. Do you agree?
(6) American power has reached its peak, and it can only diminish from here. Do you agree?

International Political Economy Essay Brief

But in brief, to write a good essay, you need to: Answer the question (don’t just summarise).
Explain in the introduction the context of the question, your basic argument and how the essay will proceed step by step (the structure).
Signpost the structure throughout the essay, indicating the logical progression from paragraph to paragraph and section to section (so linking sentences at the ends of paragraphs and sections are important).
Three key categories will be used in assessing the merits of the essay
These are:
Content (Use of evidence and resources, evidence of a relevant and logically advanced and developed argument) – Content involves an assessment of the student’s specific knowledge of their subject and level of understanding. The quality of the essay will be assessed in terms of the overall content of relevant data, including of course the relevance of appropriate reading. It will also be assessed in terms of students’ ability to advance and logically develop a cogent and coherent argument, one that is well supported and relevant to the question being addressed.

International Political Economy Essay Critical analysis; structure/organisation

Theoretical and Analytical Competence (Critical analysis; structure/organisation) –Theoretical and analytical competence involves not just the capacity to draw on and use relevant theoretical ideas and concepts; but also the appropriateness of the theoretical framework. Under this broad category also falls the nature and quality of the critical analysis demonstrated in the essay.
Finally, of course the mark will involve a judgment about whether or not the conclusions are justified by the evidence and references presented.
You need to engage with the arguments present in the existing literature and come to conclusions on the basis of this literature.

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