International Tourism Management

International Tourism Management Students should answer one of the following questions:
1. Tourists the world over are attracted to places which authentically represent the stories and people of the past. This is the basis of ‘Heritage tourism’.

International Tourism Management
International Tourism Management

Sometimes there is actually very little to be seen on the ground and the significance of these places – the ‘story to be told’ has to be narrated to visitors
using an increasingly technological range of interpretative techniques. Many attractions now offer visitors increasingly sophisticated interactions with the
underlying story by employing a range of multimedia techniques, some of which make use of routinely-carried, user-owned smartphones and tablets.
Using examples, describe ways in which successful visitor attractions have been created, enhanced and developed by employing modern interpretative techniques which engage and involve visitors in the stories on which the attractions are based.
2. Explain the concept of Fair Trade as it applies to the tourism industry and explain how fair trade tourism delivers value to tourism providers and
destinations. You may decide in some cases the value is non- existent or limited and this should be highlighted. You should illustrate your answer with examples
3. Tour operators and airlines are powerful players in the management and development of tourism products and services. In order to stay ahead of the
competition they must constantly come up with new products and services. You should carry out research into three or four separate operators and or airlines
working in differing environments and discuss and evaluate their new products in terms of A.) Are the products environmentally and socially responsible B)
are they genuinely innovative or just new to that operator/airline.

International Tourism Management Discussion

You should consider and discuss the competition in the case of operators/airlines
offering a product or service already offered by someone else. (* Please note you may not attempt this essay if you have tackled the innovation question for
the poster assessment.)
4. The management of tourism is a complex subject area. Managers have access to a number of management tools which they will use to improve customer satisfaction, improve profits, build social capital and maintain a happy workforce. You should discuss and attempt to analyze the usefulness of at least four these tools in relation to the user groups mentioned above. (You may consider anything except the topic you chose for assessment 1.) Some of the tools you might like to consider include carbon management, corporate social responsibility, innovation, and education & interpretation techniques. Of course not all
tools relate to all user groups so be clear. You should use case studies to illustrate your answer.

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