Iran and Nuclear Policy Brief and Diplomatic Cable

Iran and Nuclear Policy Brief and Diplomatic Cable This is for a “Diplomacy” Class and is a Policy Brief/ Diplomatic Cable/ Memo (depending on who calls it what.

Iran and Nuclear Policy Brief and Diplomatic Cable
Iran and Nuclear Policy Brief and Diplomatic Cable

The writer should know that this is not an
academic piece of writing and does not require in-text referencing. the Language is very to the post, with no theory and only recent relevant issues.
I will attach two documents on how to write one, just in case, I will attach the exact structure to follow and also reading material, what there is to be
read, all 30 references would be in it. You would need to read extra material – news articles that are more recent so you know what recent developments there
have been.
the task is:
Iran and the Nuclear Question –
The world is as it was on 12 November 2013, except for hypotheticals that are specifically introduced in this case. You should take account of the background
in the readings for this week as well as reporting on recent developments: thus the troubled history of U.S. relations with Iran is what it is. What is
happening in the greater Middle East is what it is. Divisions within all the relevant governments are what they are. The technical realities of Iran’s
nuclear program are what they are. Etc. Although the main part would be until the 12th of November, please do include any developments that happened until 6th
December ‘13.
You are a trusted friend of President Obama whom he respects for your strategic perspectives. Chastened by the results of the bureaucratically-driven
policymaking process that he believes painted him into a corner on Syria, the President is worried that what appears to be a significant opportunity to deal
with the challenge posed by Iran’s nuclear ambitions may be missed—if he leaves it to policymaking as usual. Thus he has asked you for a wide-ranging
a strategic reassessment of what the United States should do under the current circumstances.
Specifically, he has asked you to provide him with an “eyes-only,” Outline of a Strategic Options Memo that answers the following questions:
. (1) As you analyze what the United States has been doing over the past several years, as well as the weeks since Rouhani came to office, how would you
characterize the current U.S. strategy to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear bomb? Assess its pros and cons and its prospects for success at the current
. (2) Identify two distinct strategic alternatives to the current U.S. strategy. Assess their pros and cons and their prospects for success.
. (3) Finally, identify your recommendation on whether the President should continue with the current strategy or choose one of your proposed alternatives.
In addressing these questions, the President asks that you state explicitly what the American “bottom line” should be in terms of specifics or criteria
beyond which the United States should not accept a negotiated settlement.
You and the President are both familiar with what the P5+1 have put on the table to trade sanctions relief for controls on Iran’s enrichment facilities. This
includes the proposal discussed in New York at the General Assembly meeting of the UN in early October: if Iran agrees to suspend enrichment at 5%, close
Fordow, and limit stockpiles of nuclear material, it would be given limited sanctions relief on the ability to buy refined petrochemical products and to
trade precious metals. You are aware that within the Administration, there have been conversations about a more comprehensive nuclear agreement: relief from all proliferation-related sanctions on Iran in return for the suspension of enrichment over 5% and limits on Iran’s enrichment capacity—including specific limits on numbers and types of centrifuges and stockpiles of materials in Iran, the additional protocol, and other transparency measures—that would leave Iran with a “breakout” timetable of more than six months.
You also know that there is no love lost between Obama and Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, whose campaign to discredit Rouhani and activate opponents in Congress Obama sees as an unhelpful effort to constrain his ability to conduct a nuclear deal with Iran. Finally, you also know that, on
occasion, the President has at least mused about “What Would Kissinger Do?”— even “What Would the Godfather Do?”.

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