Japan and Turkey Hybrid Scooter

Japan and Turkey Hybrid Scooter Order Instructions: You will write a final executive summary describing Japan and Turkey’s is best to execute your company’s strategy for the hybrid scooter.

Japan and Turkey Hybrid Scooter
Japan and Turkey Hybrid Scooter

Synthesizing the information you have gathered is an important skill upon which your company’s management team may rely for decision making.
Write a recommendation to your management team on the following:
• Of Japan and Turkey, which one has the best economic market for this product? In which country will it sell best and why?
• Out of Japan and Turkey, which country would have the best chance of attracting talent? Be sure to include which country is more likely to have an employee base with the skill sets necessary for the sales representative position, based on the research you conducted during the course on demographics, literacy rates, et cetera.
• What cultural factors will most influence recruitment strategies?
• Based on what you know of the culture of the country you’re recommending, what obstacles, if any, might you encounter as you train new hires on teamwork in this environment?
• How will you design a training environment that minimizes these obstacles?

Japan and Turkey Hybrid Scooter Sample Answer

Executive Summary

Hybrid Scooters today remain a typical transport mode in the modern world today since they save on space and uses solar energy in operating as compared to the old models that consumed fuel. As the leading company in the sales of these hybrid scooters, we aspire to make transportation cheaper and efficient in Japan. The company took an approach and carried out an analysis between two countries-Japan and Turkey with the aim of finding a favorable sound market.

Turkey’s economy as revealed in the analysis was bound to grow at an alarming rate a factor that will have an impact on the market trends. When Turkey overcomes the barriers in education, unemployment, and labor markets, the long-term economic health of the country would be improved. With this is taken into consideration, it is important that for this business to find a base in the country, both the markets would be favorable for the business (Kotha, Zheng, & George, 2011). Considering the target audiences within these countries, it is important to point out the largest client base will be on the youth and women who hold the most significant part of the population in both the countries.

Although Japan and Turkey are considered as growing nations, it is significant to realize that Japans economic growth supersedes Turkey’s growth, with the GDP per capita also registering higher. Japan. With the huge population rate of Turkey, it is important to note that there would be a shift in the economy since the demographic dividend gives Turkey an advantage.

Japan’s largest age group tends to be higher as compared to that of Turkey (Komine, & Kabe, 2009). Most of these persons between these age groups have gone through higher education with a big number of this population working actively. Japan will serve as our market catchment area since the company is well endowed with a huge client base that would benefit the company. Japan remains the main therefore remains one of the influential country that would attract talent. This can be witnessed by the aspects of developmental strides the country has made. With the technological growth, the company remains on the list of developing first World Company.

Japan and Turkey Hybrid Scooter and Cultural factors will most influence recruitment strategies

The cultural factors that affect the recruitment strategies mainly lie on the social behaviors, attitudes, values, and beliefs concerning a recruitment process. These social systems have an impact on how people think in regards to a recruitment process. Some undeveloped areas would not embrace the web based recruitment procedures due to either illiteracy, or due to the fact that they are used to the traditional methods of recruitment (Schmidt, et.al). These factors may hamper the success of a recruitment exercise since the organization may not find the best candidate for the job.

Cultural Barriers Encountered During Training and Japan and Turkey Hybrid Scooter

Different cultures differ in the way they express themselves in different situations. A   misunderstanding is created whenever two people from different cultures try to analyze something together. When expressing a point, a person may have good intentions but somebody else from a different culture might end up having a wrong perception about it. Therefore, trainers may find it difficult to teach workers with a different understanding about different things and who react differently in different situations. Language barrier is also a very common challenge faced by trainers (Yap, & Webber, 2015). If some employees use only their mother languages to communicate, it may be extremely tricky for the trainers to meet their demands. Time may also be a problem since the trainers need time for themselves.  All these differences are likely to cause disagreements in workplaces thus leading to poor performances at work.

Design of a training environment that minimizes these obstacles

In order to have a good and effective plan, that will help the employees from different cultures, it is important to handover different responsibilities to different people after which they are interchanged after a certain period of time. This will help the workers realize that they are all equal irrespective of their cultural differences. It is important for a trainer to spend time and evaluate his or her workers and try to obtain information so as to have a clear mind on what needs to be addressed (Kuvaas, Buch, & Dysvik, 2012). This will help the trainer to seek information from different departments thus making the process easier.

A good trainer should interact with other instructors from different departments, which helps them to be diverse and always have something different to offer. In larger organizations, a decision has to be made on whether the trainer wants to have one lesson for all employees or group them according to their levels. In order for the outcome to be impressive and be of great help to the workers as well as improving their understanding, training should be conducted differently since the learning abilities vary from one employee to another (Kuvaas, et.al). Some understand when given materials to read others, are good at observing and others by listening from informants (Farrell, & Hurt, 2014). The workers tend to benefit more when training is done in favor of their preferred style. The workers should be allowed to contribute and give their views and feelings about different issues since they have the highest contribution on the success of any organization.

Japan and Turkey Hybrid Scooter Conclusion

Out of this, it is significant to realize that Japan remains the most influential country that can form a base for our company in the employment sector. Since the company is also a fast-growing economy in the digital world, it is important that the services offered in this county meet the demands of the targeted audience.

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