Joint Planning and Replenishment Venture

Joint Planning and Replenishment Venture Green Restaurant Venture Case Study: Joint planning and replenishment venture and Green restaurant venture.

Joint Planning and Replenishment Venture
Joint Planning and Replenishment Venture

This case study should only be based on New Zealand based companies. It has to be plagiarism free and should be of a Master’s level.

Joint Planning and Replenishment Venture

Complete the tasks for both of the following scenarios.

Scenario 1: Joint planning and replenishment venture

Your business is a third party maintenance facility for wide-body passenger aircraft. Your two major customers are the national airline and the air force. Your suppliers are original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and third-party manufacturers of aerospace parts and components. The suppliers have a two-month lead time (including financials and border/customs clearance). At present the customer’s book aircraft in for servicing at short notice and you have little idea what work is coming one month out, consequently, you carry a substantial quantity of stock.

Given this situation, your task is to determine the nature and source of data and information required to plan and improve supply and stock keeping processes.

Scenario 2: Green restaurant venture.

You are the chief executive of a large restaurant chain that is about to rebrand and specialize in strictly 100% organic and sustainable ingredients. The mainstay of your menu will be a special type of rice, which you know is currently produced by a very small minority of growers. Thus, you can assume that at least one of your main suppliers will ultimately be vital partners to your operation. Given this situation, you are to:

Joint Planning and Replenishment Venture

  1. Develop requirements for supplier selection in your supply chain; and
  2. Develop contractual/service-level agreement principles in terms of data sharing, cost optimization, and risk sharing, all for managing the future partner relationship
  3. The total submission should comprise 3000 words (+/-10%, not including appendices, citations and references). You must make reference to any models, frameworks, concepts, and terminology that you have encountered in class, in your textbook, or sourced elsewhere. Any assumptions you make are to be stated as such and you are to explain why you consider them to be realistic assumptions.

Joint Planning and Replenishment Venture Question 1

ëJoint planning and replenishment ventureí (LO2)

50%     Determine nature and source of data and information required for planning/optimization of supply and stock keeping processes in the given business situation.

Approximately 1500 words

Question 2

ëGreen restaurant ventureí (LO3)

50%     a. Identify and develop supplier selection requirements.

Approximately 500 words

  1. Develop control methods for managing the partnership relationship in terms of data sharing, cost optimization, and risk sharing.

Approximately 1000 words

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