Compiling Natural Environmental Portfolio

Compiling Natural Environmental Portfolio You will be responsible for compiling an environmental portfolio containing a total of three current articles according to the following information:

Compiling Natural Environmental Portfolio
Compiling Natural Environmental Portfolio

1. You may choose any topic related to the natural environment, but make sure the connection to this class is clear. 2. All three articles MUST be on the same general topic; however, they can take different stands/viewpoints on the issue.

Compiling Natural Environmental Portfolio

3. One article must be from a scholarly academic journal, one must be a legitimate website such as .gov, .edu, or .org, and one must be from a leading newspaper or magazine.4. All articles must have been published after January 2014.5. You cannot evaluate a book review, a letter to the editor, press release, abstract, Q & A, or an editorial. ( 6. You must include a copy of the article in your portfolio clearly identifying the author, date, and name of the source.) For each article, you will write a two page typed critical review focusing most of your attention to the evaluation of the article. Each review MUST contain the following:1. Label section scholarly journal, legitimate website, or leading newspaper/magazine.2. List the title of the article, the author, the source it was in, URL (if applicable), and the date it was published. (2 points)3. Qualifications of the author ñ What are the qualifications of the author in terms of the subject matter? Was this author qualified to write on this topic? Why or why not? If no author is given or no information is available, as a reader what can you assume about the qualifications of the author? Why? (2 points)

Compiling Natural Environmental Portfolio Brief Summary

4. A brief summary of the article ñ What is the question/topic the author is addressing? What are the key points of the article? What are the conclusions of the article? (4 points)5. Evaluation of the article ñ How strong is the authorís argument? Give specific examples of sources of information such as references used, experts quoted, or agencies or professional organizations included. What data is used to support these points? Did the author take for granted any information? Are the arguments well supported? If solutions were proposed, are they feasible? Why or why not? Was anything important left out of the article? What is the tone of the article? How does this tone effect, or intend to affect, the readers of the article? Does the author use broad generalizations or does the author provide a well-reasoned analysis? Does the author show bias in the article? If so, how? What is your overall analysis of the article? (10 points)6. Authorís motivation ñ Why is the author writing this article (to provide information or clarification, publicize new research data, to cause action, etc.)? (2 points)After you have compiled and critically analyzed your articles, you must write a two-page summary or conclusion section (20 points). In this section, you should include the following information:1. What did you learn about the topic from the 3 articles (5 points)? 2. How did the information vary from source to source in terms of bias, objectivity, and depth of information presented (6 points) 3? Compare the information from the three sources to your textbook and/or lecture (3 points).4. Your opinion or stand on the issue. Why? Support (6 points) Each review and summary is a minimum of two pages typed and single-spaced(very important), for a total of 8 pages. Use size 12 Arial font with one-inch margins.

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