Lack of Pay and Media in Female Sports

Lack of Pay and Media in Female Sports Critical Sport Analysis Paper: This paper is designed to be an in-depth, critical treatment of a current issue in sport sociology.

Lack of Pay and Media in Female Sports
Lack of Pay and Media in Female Sports

The topic is to be approved by the instructor. The paper should be broad enough to allow for a reasonable literature review so that the specific issue is contextualized, but narrow enough to allow for a succinct analysis of a particular issue. So, race in sport, women in sport, or youth sport would be far too broad. Perhaps the most important aspect of the paper is that, theoretically, it must be critical, which means that simplistic, “common sense” approaches that fail to question fundamental power relations are not acceptable, nor are they especially interesting. We will discuss sport critically throughout the semester, so you will be prepared for the task of interrogating your topic thoroughly. The required length of the paper is 7-10 double-spaced pages (not including cover page or references), using normal fonts, margins, etc. Page numbers must be used. Also, a minimum of five (5) scholarly references are required for credit (*this does NOT mean internet news articles, webpages, etc.).In addition, these primary sources must be integrated into the paper in a substantive manner, not simply mentioned.

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