Lean Integrated Design and Production

Lean Integrated Design and Production Please read the instructions in the two file that uploaded CAREFULLY. The two files all the instructions that needed to write the report.

Lean Integrated Design and Production
Lean Integrated Design and Production

No copy or plagiarism Please.

6000 words. prepare a report for senior management that addresses the following issues:

Rehearsal of the lean principles

Critical evaluation of the current process

Development of a target process / system based on consideration of alternative

Lean Integrated Design and Production Implementation plans

Proposals for instituting continuous improvement along with performance measurement

(Alternatively, you may wish to evaluate a current or recent policy initiative in your business or project organization. In this case please consult with the Module Tutor.)

The assignment is to be submitted in report format and as such should have a formal structure and layout. It should be submitted as a single document.

The report should be structured as a management report in five main sections linked to the issues above.

The report must identify, apply and fully reference (Harvard/APA style) appropriate sources, concepts, and models.

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