Legal Memorandum on Critical Comparison

Legal Memorandum on Critical Comparison of Opposing Claims Problem Description:

Legal Memorandum on Critical Comparison
Legal Memorandum on Critical Comparison

Critical comparison of opposing claims, analytical thinking, and problem-solving

Legal Memorandum on Critical Comparison

The amount of shaft wear (.0001 in.) after a fixed mileage was determined for each of n = 8 internal combustion engines having a copper lead as a bearing material, resulting in First stats formula for exercise 3-1.jpg and s = 1.25. Assuming that the distribution of shaft wear is normal with mean µ, use the appropriate test at level .05 to test H0 : LaTeX: \mu µ = 3.50 versus HLaTeX: \alpha a : LaTeX: \mu µLaTeX:  data-verified= “>> 3.50. Please state any assumption you have made if necessary.

Legal Memorandum on Critical Comparison

Shaft wear in excess of 3.50 could lead to catastrophic failures in extreme weather conditions. Engineers for the manufacturer of the shafts claim that the shaft wear is within acceptable limits. Lawyers representing a class action legal suit filed against the company feel that recent deaths due to catastrophic vehicle failures for engines with this shaft are due to faulty bearings.

Conduct the appropriate hypothesis test. Whose claim would you support?

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