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Write about LinkedIn Create a numbered list of four key points specifying how you can maximize the effectiveness of your chosen technology in a business context. Give one example of how your chosen media could be used most effectively in a business setting (i.e., a scenario of how and when to use the media).
Your posting should be between 250 and 300 words written in full sentences with correct punctuation and spelling. Post directly in your Group-work Discussion Forum (do not use attachments).


The management of the business ought to use LinkedIn technology mostly in ensuring they connect with very many people as fast as they can. This will enable people to know more about them and be interested in buying their company’s products. The use of media to advertise products brings many to be aware of the newly released products in the market.

Web Based Management systems should be used by the management because, most of the business today are mobile and papers are of less need following that, many systems can be accessed through  the use of internet (Bovee & Thill, 2011). A Web Based Project can aid a business that has created a to-do list through placing it in a good position to stay on task. However it is well connected to serve its clients from all the corners of the world. Through the use of Web Based Project, a company can be connected through LinkedIn to all its customers globally. This is the best technique that ought to be used to fasten and effect all the business activities.

All the business tasks need to be automated with LinkedIn technology to save time. The newsletter service is a good example of a business that uses internet to save time as it connects with thousands of its clients. They are known to use Aweber, which is an automatically service, that feedbacks all their new subscribers intending to buy their newsletters online. The use of technology has enabled this business to reduce its expenses, maximize efficiency and productivity, thus, increasing their profitability in the business (Bovee & Thill, 2011).

LinkedIn technology has been very useful in the processing of the data in a business by making it more efficient. On the other side, the use of credit cards has enabled people to shop and pay for goods in the business counters through the swapping method.


Bovee, C., & Thill, J. (2011). Business Communication Today. Pearson Education; 11 edition

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