Love Styles and Communication in Relationships

Love Styles and Communication in Relationships partner preferences, initiation, and intensification PLEASE READ ALL THESE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY!

Love Styles and Communication in Relationships
Love Styles and Communication in Relationships

I will upload 8 pages of paper that have been done already, BUT I would like for you to continue the paper and add 4 more pages to it so it would be 12 pages total. I will also upload a “PROSPECTUS TEMPLATE”; that I want you to follow for the format of the WHOLE essay. So please change the 8 pages paper format to the new format that I will upload. Moreover, I will upload the " prospectus checklist" which I want you to follow that checklist and I will also upload the “Love Styles”; article. You can put as many sources as you want, but just not too much.

Love Styles and Communication in Relationships Paper Requirements

This 12 pages paper is a synthesis and culmination of the course. You will review the communication studies literature on two narrow communication concepts (or variables), propose research questions and/or hypotheses regarding the relationship between concepts, and propose quantitative, qualitative, and critical methods for inquiry.
In order to have a complete topic, you need to specify a context and two constructs, and your topic statement needs to propose some sort of relationship
between those constructs. You seem to have only one construct (“love styles”; though I’m not sure exactly what that is) and a context (“relationships”; though that is really too vague). So you need a second construct and a considerably more focused context.
Have you searched the published communication studies literature on “love styles?”; You need to make sure that you can find adequate sources (a
minimum of 8) on this construct from published scholarly journals in communication studies. I could be wrong, but I just have some concerns about whether this construct is going to work out for you.
It might help to narrow down your context a little further. What kind of relationship are you focusing on, specifically? Dating? Long-term committed
relationships of more than 5 years? Same sex? Opposite sex? Both? (“both” is often better, but not necessarily, and some studies have a good reason to focus on a particular type of relationship)? Long-distance? Long distance relationships between high school students who have gone to different colleges? Long distance relationships between committed partners how have been together for more than 10 years where one partner has moved to a different state for the purpose of professional advancement? Something else?

Love Styles and Communication in Relationships

I’m not quite sure I see a strong enough connection to communication studies here. This looks more like a topic for psychology. If you are focusing on the
internal characteristic of a single individual, where is the communication? For communication to happen there needs to be some sort of message exchange, in
some form. I’m not sure I’m seeing that with your topic, as it stands. For a communication studies course, I need to see that communication is a much more prominent aspect of your topic. I think this can be done, you just need to make sure you to it and center your topic on human communication processes.
Right now, your next step should be to focus on learning everything you can about the communication research done on your context and on these two constructs.
You should NOT expect to find articles that directly address your exact topic (that would mean someone has already researched your topic, and what you are
doing is not original). You need to be able to find sources that address each of the three parts of your topic (the context and the two constructs), and you
might find sources that have put two of the three parts of your topic together, but that isn’t even necessary. For now, just move forward as if your
construct and your two constructs are three separate topics, and learn what has been written on each separate part.

Love Styles and Communication in Relationships Paper Abstract

Use the ComAbstracts, Communication and Mass Media Complete, and Sage Full-Text Communication databases. Search, read, take notes, and work at synthesizing all that you discover. You need to be able to answer the questions:
* What does the communication literature say about this context?
* What does the communication literature say about your first construct / independent variable?
* What does the communication literature say about your second construct / dependent variable?
Soon, you will be writing a literature review of both of your constructs and your context. Essentially, you’ll be summarizing and discussing the research
that has been previously done on your constructs and context. You should take a note of the “Chapter 11” posting on Blackboard that specifically discusses
the literature review — I think the set of “steps”; starting on page 239 is especially useful.

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