Management in Birmingham International Airport

Management in Birmingham International Airport Case 1: Birmingham international airport
case author: Robert Johnston
teaching note: Robert Johnston
answer only 4 questions :

Management in Birmingham International Airport
Management in Birmingham International Airport

1.identify some of the micro-operations to be found at the airport. for each one :
a) identify the transforming and transformed resources ;
b) state which is a predominant transformed resource ;
c) describe the output of each micro-operation and say who you think are its customers
2). summarise the job of the operations director. what are the main issues/ problems he faces in managing the airport?
3). what do you think Richard heard actually does each day (i.e hoe does he spend his time)?
4). discuss the relationship between the day to day tasks and the long-term issues and explain how Richard manages to oversee both at the same time?
CASE 2: Concept design services
case author: Stuart chambers and Nigel slack
teaching note: Stuart chambers
1). How successful have Concept Design Services? have strategies been, since the decision to exit the Industrial Products market?
2).In what ways have the marketing strategies affected the activities of the Manufacturing Operations and Supply Services departments?
3). What have been the main features of the strategies adopted by Manufacturing and Supply Services during the 1990s? What operations-based competitive
advantages were developed under the influence of these strategies? Were the strategies clearly developed, or did they simply evolve, or both?
4). How might the development of the Design House and Major Retailer Services markets affect the operation of the Manufacturing and Supply Services
departments? More specifically, what new capabilities may be required to serve these new markets effectively and profitably?
5). What changes, if any, would you recommend for the business to continue its growth in sales and profit?

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