Management Information Systems Research Paper

Management Information Systems

Management Information Systems Research Paper
Management Information Systems Research Paper

The outline of the suggested paper format is shown below:

Cover page – title, your name, and abstract (an executive summary of 200 words that discuss highlights and topics presented in the paper).

Management Information Systems Research Paper Table of contents

Introduction – background and history, your rationale for studying that particular company for this project, a brief overview of topics to be discussed in the paper. It should be limited up to one page long, not longer.

Main – research method used, Porter’s Five Competitive Force analysis, compare the result with the current corporate strategy, discussion of the effectiveness of the strategy by presenting past three years performance data (both financial and market share).

The company IS strategy and its effectiveness of achieving company’s goals and objectives, etc.

Conclusion – a discussion of the research result and your own prediction how well or poorly the company will be doing in the future. References and Citations.

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