PBS 911 to Now and Ways we have Changed

PBS 911 to Now and Ways we have Changed Forum VI (Duck and Cover). Watch the videos and articles labeled Forum VI in Module III. Then discuss your thoughts on the similarities and differences of the government reactions during the time after WWII during the Cold War and post 9/11.

PBS 911 to Now and Ways we have Changed
PBS 911 to Now and Ways we have Changed

Discuss your feelings on the government reactions to the 2 time periods. You may want to include discussions of recent events regarding freedom of speech and freedom of assembly. Also, does the article about labor violations at B&H Photo relate to any large issue in the country considered in this discussion? Write one original post of at least 250 words and reply to at least 2 other students with 100 words each post. Embargos and Sanctions – Cold War Sanctions

PBS 9/11 to Now: Ways we have Changed

B&H Photo labor violations




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