Managing Business Model and Innovation

Managing Business Model and Innovation Need to know how to use: Component 1 – A Business Model Canvas (18%) Please complete the business model canvas template, provided on the Moodle site, from a strategic planning and development perspective for the SimVenture Evolution Bicycle Company for either the existing product or the new/modified product you worked on.

Managing Business Model and Innovation
Managing Business Model and Innovation

There should be at least 2 points per section of the Business Model Canvas. A copy of the BMC template is attached for your ease of reference Component 2 – A Business Summary (17%) Please summarize the legal position of the Bicycle Company on SimVenture Evolution and identify any risks from a legal perspective. This should include IP and company formation/ structure. In a separate section of the summary please advise the Bicycle Company in regards to the legal requirements for record keeping. This section should be researched and referenced. It should be no more than 500 words (+/-10% words). Component 3 – A Series of Reflections (40%) Using Gibbs reflective cycle please choose 4 points out of the 8 below and write separate reflections on how the module and use of simulation have developed you’re: 1. Self-management 2. The team working 3. Problem-solving 4. Application of IT 5. Communication 6. Application of numeracy 7. Business and customer awareness 8. Positive attitude Please ensure you answer all questions in the cycle for each of the reflections. Each reflection should be no more than 500 words each. Please make your actions/goals SMART Please use headings for each stage of Gibbs Reflective Cycle. Please reference the reflections statement whenever possible. Please ensure you answer/address all questions in the cycle for the 4 points you chose.

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