Medical Review Guidance, Oversight, and Editing

Medical Review Guidance, Oversight, and Editing Produce review articles of biomarkers and/or uses of particular therapeutic drugs.

Medical Review Guidance, Oversight, and Editing
biomarkers and particular therapeutic

Informational reviews, no meta analyses or statistical analyses.
Seeking help with guidance, oversight and editing. In practice you will have to create the structure, instruct our staff member in presenting the gathered information correctly, and edit as needed.
You should have:
1. Excellent understanding of biomedical topics
2. Excellent writing skills with English at mother tongue level
3. Ability to teach/guide literature searches and structured writing.
When applying, please show your list of published articles on medical topics that you have written (not just co-authored).
This is a non-profit effort. There is a possibility for co-authorship if your hourly rate is accommodating.

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