Minor’s Illnesses and Injuries Portfolio

Minor's Illnesses and Injuries Portfolio
Minor’s Illnesses and Injuries Portfolio

Minor’s Illnesses and Injuries Portfolio

To get a background about me:
1- I’m paramedics from UAE.
2- Recently studying in the UK emergency care practitioner
3- Work placement in walk in center for 4 weeks
4- I have taken OSCE exam in Ankle (history taking and clinical examination)
5- I have learned through this module and how that can enhance my knowledge to use appropriate methods in the UAE
6- I had some weakness in the clinical skills and its improved after taking this course.
A portfolio is a collection of evidence that represents achievement and learning within a module/course or programme of study.
My portfolio will be about minor’s illnesses and injuries in general. I choose to write about ankle specially but I have to cover some other parts (you see the outcomes below).

a) The 7 learning outcomes points most be attached as appendices in this portfolio and present them in the essay. (as it show in attachment 1B as an example) and include Index of the portfolio (as it show in attachment 1A)
b) Try to present the learning outcomes points which are related to Ankle.
c) Highlight the sentences from the source that you use to support your written and write note next every highlighted one (attachment 2 as an example).

The learning outcomes that you should follow and support each one by evidences as appendixes are:
1. Demonstrate effective priority setting of clients presenting with primary health care problems, through rationale assessment and intervention skills.
2. Demonstrate and critically evaluates care management and interventions allied to wounds and soft-tissue problems.
3. Critically evaluates and assesses the unique characteristics of client groups (Adult, Child, Mental Health) in order to optimize care or refer on.
4. Demonstrates and critically evaluates care management and interventions allied to Eye and Ear, Nose and throat conditions.
5. Discusses and evaluates the care processes allied to Skin conditions
6. Demonstrates and discusses the use of diagnostic equipment used in primary care. – e.g. Ophthalmoscope, Otoscope.
7. Demonstrates and / or analyses key contemporary Emergency Care Practice competency, in relation to effective Minor Health Care management.

Secondly, the 1000 word essay of all you will write about portfolio in general as following:
1- What is the portfolio?
2- The important of portfolio for student and the use of it?
3- How it help you to improve your competency?
4- What evidence and tools are useful?
5- The relation between writing portfolio and self-improvement?
6- Linking the evidence to the 1000 words. (as it show in attachment 3 A and attachment 3B as examples)
7- Why it is good and helpful in Emergency Care (as introduction) and you will support that with different evidences, which will be attached with portfolio
at the end as appendixes.
8- The appendixes that you will attached must be solid ones and recent. You can use between 15 and 25 sources
9- The references must be in Harvard style as well as in alphabetical order by author’s name and each one in Hyperlink (click and go to original source
10- The word count is 1000 word in the essay no more no less.

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