Modern Business Operational Planning

Modern Business Operational Planning The business plan as a tool for operational planning.

Modern Business Operational Planning
Modern Business Operational Planning

According to the encyclopedia Structure (domi), a business is an organized economic activity geared towards the production of goods and services to
market. Nowadays, almost all of the products and services we enjoy comes from businesses, so there are many firms producing similar goods and compete
strongly with each other. In order for a business to survive within this competitive environment must operate under a detailed design – a strategy. The
business plan, assuming that is the encoding, fixes this design ? on paper." With a business plan we can describe the specific business to a third party,
usually donors, but we can also gather – encode our own thoughts and actions for our business. The business plan is not only to help present business to
third parties, but it is also an essential tool for developing the strategy of the same operator. In this work we see so often, how do I write a business
plan and the reasons that make it so useful to any modern business.
1. Is it useful for a company to have a business plan?
2. When it is necessary for a company to prepare and have a business plan?
3. What are the main reasons for a company to use a business plan?
Answering three simple core question for every business
? Where are we now?
? Where we want to be?
? How will manage to get there?

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