National Preparedness Changed Since 911

National Preparedness Changed Since 911 How has national preparedness changed since 9/11? Are we doing enough, or do you identify weaknesses in our preparedness? Support your answer.

National Preparedness Changed Since 911
National Preparedness Changed Since 911

A major subject that has been impacted since 9/11 in regards to national preparedness, is the nation’s federal funding. One specific direction that was taken was through a risk-based funding recommendation, given by the 9/11 Commission Report. The focus of this was to allocate money based on the levels of risk that were being experienced at that time (Mueck, n.d.). Due to different views of what is considered a “risk”, this funding initiative caused issues. Over the years this method has improved through the employment of multiple stages.

Pre-9/11, as well as early post-9/11, there were noticeable issues involving the nation’s funding. Years later, a much more acceptable plan along with an improved definition of risk have been put into action. At this time, the word “risk” is determined through a “formula that considers the threat to a target/area, multiplied by the vulnerability of the target/area, multiplied by consequence of an attack on that target/area.” (Congressional Research Service, pg. 6, para. 2, 2007). Although there is always room for improvement when it comes to the nation’s preparedness, it can be concluded that the way the US prepares for disaster is not weak in the slightest.

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