Not for Profit Organization Research

Not for Profit Organization Research an entity (a business or not-for-profit organization) and write a paper reflecting the following items below.

Not for Profit Organization Research
Not for Profit Organization Research

You should seek out and reference credible resources in obtaining needed information, avoiding anecdotal information available from websites such as Wikipedia.

Not for Profit Organization Research Assignment Directions

Please follow these directions carefully to successfully complete the assignment.
Items to address in your paper:
Overview of what the entity does, how long it has existed, where it is located, whether it falls within manufacturing or services, what industry it belongs to, and how many employees it has (and what types), as well as their mission, vision, values, goals, and strategic/business plans (if available)
Its stakeholders, how they impact or are impacted by the organization, and their roles in relation to that organization
Whether the entity provides a social benefit to the community, its country, and/or the world.
Who its key buyers and suppliers are
What environmental factors currently have an impact on the entity and what future factors you anticipate could potentially impact it
What potential impacts and/or concerns you foresee based various economic indicators and trends
The entity’s ethics code based on its values, guiding principles or other information available through and whether you feel it is compliance-based or integrity-based and why
The legal ownership, as well as the tax, status of the entity, associated implications, and whether that status has changed historically to this point
The organizational chart/hierarchy, the characteristics of the leaders and how long they have been there
Results of a SWOT analysis and associated implications
The Human Resources policies and any associated eccentricities or issues
What job postings are currently listed and for what types of positions
Whether any employees are union employees, and if so, what union they belong to
Their marketing strategy and associated tactics, in terms of the 4 P’s, including the types of customers they target
Their distribution system and associated implications
Their online presence and if/how they leverage that in their sales and marketing, as well as in customer engagement and interaction
Current key competitors and potential future or emerging competitors
Their financial status and health based on available financial data from annual reports and other sources related to their balance sheets, cash flow, stock (if public), financial ratios, etc. and any other relevant financial factors or drivers.
Your recommendations on whether someone should work there and whether you would recommend investing in the entity, as well as what you would do differently if you were responsible for its results and future

Not for Profit Organization Research Paper Structure

1)  Include a paper cover page with:
Class title and number
Your name
Report submission date
Paper title (title is up to you)
Entity name
2)  Start the main part of your paper on the next page with an introductory paragraph .
3)  Discuss the items below in narrative format. Feel free to include tables, graphs, charts, and/or graphics as you write about various aspects of the entity. Be sure that sentences and paragraphs flow logically. Should you need help with your writing skills, contact the COD Writing Center for assistance .
4)  End your paper with a conclusion paragraph .
5)  Site any sources and references using proper citation via footnotes or endnotes. Include a Bibliography as a paper appendix.
The paper should be written in your own words. Direct quotes should be limited, instead expressing paraphrased conclusions.

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