Peer Review Journal And Critic Reflective

Peer Review Journal And Critic Reflective Additionally you have a weekly activity. Each one of you is to analyze a peer-reviewed research article that you must present in class as a discussion.

Peer Review Journal And Critic Reflective
Peer Review Journal And Critic Reflective

This article is about any nursing-practice-related topic that interests you. Example of topics are: Risk for patients who need blood but don’t want it; , This assignment is supporting SLO #6 (Integrating Evidence-Based Knowledge). Print a copy of the article and bring to class.

Upon completion of the course the student will be able to:

  1. Evaluate the impact of caring behaviors on patient outcomes.
  2. Appraise the effects of communication techniques on proposed outcomes.
  3. Assess the effectiveness of culturally congruent care on patient outcomes.
  4. Integrate critical thinking with independent judgment to promote optimal wellness to families and communities.
  5. Evaluate, as a leader, the concepts of power, empowerment, autonomy, and advocacy in managing the nursing practice.
  6. Compare and contrast leadership styles and health care systems in reference to sociocultural, political, economic, legal and ethical influences.
  7. Utilize research findings for decision- making and rationale for nursing practice.
  8. Assume accountability for meeting the changing health care needs of the global community, through the continuation of personal, professional and educational development.

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