Personal Computer Purchase Project

Personal Computer Purchase Project Using the criteria below each student will collect 3 advertisements from 3 different retailers, from either newspaper, magazines, circulars, or the Internet.

Personal Computer Purchase Project
Personal Computer Purchase Project

You can use any Internet site such as Dell or Compaq, where you will be allowed to customize your system, or you can do your own price shopping.

Personal Computer Purchase Project

The advertisements should be submitted along with the 3-6 page, double spaced, font size 12, regular margins, a report containing the following criteria. You will need to provide a price breakdown, and a detailed description of the software and hardware, for 3 compatible computers that could be used in your endeavor, and then, your selection of the best of those 3 systems and an explanation of why it is better. Your selection of the best computer for your project should be based only on functionality and price, not on the popularity of the computer system.

Personal Computer Purchase Project

The report should also include a table which can be done in Word or Excel, showing the comparisons of the systems (including specifications and costs). An example of a table is given below with the 3 retailers and the different components. You may add more components to your table.

The following parts should be included in this paper. Emphasis should be given to the Purpose, Software and Hardware sections. This is where you specify why you are buying a computer (it can be made up as long as you are consistent throughout), what kind of software and kind of hardware you need to fulfill your purpose. You then include the cost and summarization of which system you are purchasing in the end.

Personal Computer Purchase Project

  1. Purpose

Why am I buying this computer? What will I use it for, or what function will it serve me? Be specific and detailed.

  1. Software

What software do I need to accomplish the tasks that I have outlined in the purpose? Include both system and application software that you will have to include. Make sure that you are aware of the software specifications and requirements for your system.

III.        Hardware

What Hardware platform will run the software that has been identified in the above section. Discuss the configurations of the systems that you are selecting your system from. What do you need in terms of the processor, memory, and peripheral devices? Consider if the system is upgradable in the future.

  1. Cost

Set up a budget of about $1000 for Hardware, $300-400 for Software

  1. Personal Computer Purchase Project Conclusion

Sum up which configuration out of the 3 that you are buying and why.

Helpful Web sites (March 17,2014) (last updated May 2014)

Here are some additional helpful tips:

Example of a table.

Configuration           Computer retailer #1            Computer retailer #2            Computer retailer #3

Brand and type of Computer

Operating System

Monitor (Size)


Hard Drive (GB)

Processor Brand

Processor Speed (GHZ)


Peripheral Devices

(printers, speakers, web cam, etc., scanner)

Antivirus software

Firewall (software or router with built-in firewall)




Personal Computer Purchase Project: 5%          Points

Your Personal Needs         20

Hardware Requirements (includes peripherals)            20

Research the cost of a new computer (3 Retailers)          20

Software Needs       20

Conclusion and table of comparison       20


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