Personal Interpretation Concept Discussion

Personal Interpretation Concept Discussion Select one artwork, concept, or idea from the readings or lectures of last week or this week. Start the discussion with a descriptive title. (Do not go back to topics from before the midterm.)

Personal Interpretation Concept Discussion
Personal Interpretation Concept Discussion

Do not repeat artworks from previous exercises/class assignments. These works or ideas have been fully discussed and will not receive any credit.

  1. Start with a title for the discussion. (1 point)
  2. Write in your own words a personal interpretation, or analysis of this work, concept, or idea. (Should be at least one paragraph and no more than one page, 250 words). Provide enough information to describe the work or idea. (3 points)
  3. Present one to three questions for discussion. (1 point)
  4. If writing about art work, including a picture. Identify the work with at least title, artist (if known), material, date, and culture. (1 point)
  5. Read and respond to other student posts. Start the response by addressing the other student by name. (ex. Hello, John). Include the other post’s title and the point(s) you are responding to. (4 points)

A response must be more than just liking or agreeing. Mention what you like about the original post and why or how do you agree with the student’s post. You may disagree and offer another opinion. Be sure to support your position.

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