Personal Statement for MSc Finance and Accounting

Personal Statement for MSc Finance and Accounting 1 This is a personal statement for applying MSc Finance and Accounting in Imperial College.

Personal Statement for MSc Finance and Accounting

I am currently a BSc in Economics student in LSE. The length of personal statement should be around 800-900 words.
2 I copied down the instruction of personal statement from university website here. Three questions are needed to answer in this PS. Q1 Your reason for choosing the programme Q2. Positions of responsibility you have held (including internships) and how these have helped any subsequent endeavours Q3.
Achievements in your life of which you are most proud and what you have learned from these
3 Language is the most important part of editing. I hope that the langugage coule be very native. The sentences are more 'beautiful' and look
'intelligent'. My vocabulary and sentences are lack of changes at this PS.

Personal Statement for MSc Finance and Accounting and Internship

4 In terms of content. I ansered first quesiton in paragraph 1,2 and 3. I answered Q2 in paragraph 4 and Q3 in paragraph 5. I hope you can keep those
academic and techinical content, such as some theories, asset pricing model, basel III etc. But for other content, if you have better idea, it would be of
great help if you could modify the content to make it more make sense. Also, I am not very satisfied with the content in paragraph 5 (Q3), please modify it
to make it better,(for example, I didn't really answer what I learn from it at Q5).

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