Physical therapy Assistant Formal Report

Physical therapy Assistant Formal Report
Physical therapy Assistant Formal Report

Physical therapy Assistant Formal Report

And the reason I select 2 pages because I want 1 for keyword outline…And 1 for power point and can i have my PowerPoint more creative with pictures .but
please you must fallow my keyword outline example to due my paper and at lease 2 reference on the outline paper … 150 points (Length 5-7 minutes)

Formal Report Presentation
1. Present a formal report informing a professional audience about your field of study using the PAL (purpose, audience, logistic) method (Brody, Ch. 2).

Points to discuss:
What your major is
Why you chose this major (What is in it for YOU?)
How you decided on it
Was there an influential factor that helped you decide on this major, if so, what is it and why
The type of work you will be doing or hope to be doing Statistical information regarding your field of study (need/demand)
Why presentation and communication skills are relevant for a position in your field
Why getting a degree in this field is important to you

2. As primary research for the formal presentation, you must interview a professional in a field related to your major. The interview should offer background
information on the interviewee and focus on presentation and communication situations relevant for a position in that field. Refer to Goodall & Goodall
chapter 6, Interviewing and Conscious Communication, for best practices and techniques (pages 126-133).

3. You must turn in the typed list of questions you prepared for the interview and the related answers. Your speech must incorporate elements of your
interview (i.e. paraphrasing or direct quoting). If you omit this step you may lose up to 25 points. Be sure to orally cite your interviewee.

4. In addition to your interview, you must include two different credible sources related to your field of study and incorporate them in your speech. This
additional information can be statistical, descriptive, or anecdotal. You must have your oral citations in your outline. That is the only full sentence in
your outline. Cite the source and information in your speech and your outline or you will lose 10 points each.

5. You must use PowerPoint or Prezi as your visual aid.

6. Your speech will be presented extemporaneously from a well-constructed keyword outline. You must rehearse this presentation. Poor eye contact and reading your notes results in a 20-point penalty.

7. Your outline with a correct APA Reference page must be typed. You will not be allowed to present your formal presentation if you omit this step.
A. The outline needs to be correctly numbered following traditional Roman numeral formatting. Please use the Brody example on p. 26-28 for numbering and refer to the sample. You will lose points if your outline is not properly structured or organized according to this format. Your introduction, conclusion and any oral citations must be completely written out. The body of your speech should be key word phrases only.
B. Turn in your key word outline, Reference page, and a fully developed, typed interview including both the questions and the answers are due to the
instructor on the day of your presentation.
C. View your presentation and assess your performance. Take notes and evaluate on your delivery, as well as your professionalism. Was the presentation effective (content)? Explain in a typed evaluation due the next class.
Formal Report Rubric 150 Points Possible
5-7 minutes
_______25 Typed Interview questions and answers
_______30 Three oral citations from your References
_______15 PowerPoint
______25 Correct key word outline
_______15 Correct Reference Page
______20 Delivery: Eye contact, language fillers, movement
_______10 Time
_____10 Self Assessment of Presentation

Keyword Outline Example
A keyword outline is used when giving a speech or presentation. It includes the main ideas of what is to be communicated in a manner that is much shorter
than the actual word-for-word speech. The keywords form the skeleton or outline of a speech, and serve to remind the speaker of his ideas in the correct
order he wants to present them. Keyword outlines can be written on index cards or on a regular sheet of paper. An example of a keyword outline follows.

Why Volunteer?
Audience: Peers and Instructor
Purpose Statement: Inform the audience on the importance of Volunteering in our community
I. Grabber: quote
A. WIIFT : benefits
B. Credibility : research/statistics
C. Preview : why care?
Transition: Now we know

I Benefits others
A. Immediate result
B. Benefits self
C. Social impact
II. Startling current statistics
A. Hunger: local community needs
B. Homelessness: children
C. Domestic violence
Transition: What now?
III. Who is helping?
A. Soup kitchens
B. Shelters
C. Community volunteers
Transition: What can you do?

I. Review and memorable statement
A. Benefits/social and personal
B. Places to volunteer
C. Quote
D. Thank you! Are there any questions?

Edited by N. Seedberg, B.S. Ed., M. A. C. June, 2016. Courtesy of sample taken from:

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