Police Officers and the Issue of Stress

Police Officers and the Issue of Stress Essay Topic – Police Officers and the Issue of Stress
This essay is to be 5-6 pages, double-spaced, Times New Roman format.

Police Officers and the Issue of Stress
Police Officers and the Issue of Stress

This does not include your cover page and reference page(s).
You need to follow APA guidelines. Use the following link to understand how to cite and reference your materialhttps://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/
Marks will be deducted for not using this format. In addition, marks will be deducted for grammatical and spelling errors.
Do not use too many quotations. No more than 10% of your paper should contain quotations. Do not use long quotations more than once. I do not want to see a “cut and paste” essay.
Please be careful when using semi-colons. If you have to use a semi colon there is a strong chance that you should be using either a common or a period.

Essay Topic on Police Officers and the Issue of Stress

The essay is to be based on police officers and the stress related to their job. What kind of stress do they deal with? Does their on the job stress lead to issues at home?  How is stress affecting their job performance and their own personal lives? Are police organizations helping their members? If so how? Should more be done?
The essay should be a critical analysis of the issue.

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