Porous and Nonporous Items for Latent Fingerprint Project

Porous and Nonporous Items for Latent Fingerprint Project You will process a variety of porous and nonporous items for latent prints using whatever supplies you are able to obtain.
List of supplies that will work for this project:
1. Black fingerprint powder
2. Crushed Charcoal
3. Unsweetened Cocoa
4. Corn Starch (last resort)
5. Fingerprint powdering brush or large make-up brush.
6. Clear wide scotch tape.
7. Index cards.
It is not mandatory for you to purchase fingerprint supplies for this project.

Porous and Nonporous Items for Latent Fingerprint Project
Latent Fingerprint Project

Many of you may be able to borrow supplies from your local law enforcement office or military unit.
If you are interested in buying supplies, a small jar of powder and a brush will run you about $15.00 at redwop.com.
Describe your experience in a 500 to 800 word essay, addressing the following questions:
1. How many different prints or partial prints did you locate?
2. What types of objects did you lift the prints from? Where were they located?
3. What supplies did you use? What technique did you use to apply the powder?
4. Did you expect to find more prints, or fewer?
5. Can you identify the prints as different from one another? How?

Porous and Nonporous Items for Latent Fingerprint Project Instructions and Guidelines

It is very important to pick a variety of different surfaces for this assignment. I would say at least 5-10 different types of surfaces (porous and nonporous) should be attempted. For an "A" paper, I would expect it to be longer than 500 words.
I want lots of details about your successes and failures!
Some types of surfaces that you would expect to find fingerprints on? How about: Microwave, oven, door knob, window, sliding glass door, bathroom mirror, toilet seat, paper items around the house, cars, soda cans, bowls and dishes, glasses, ect.
NOTE: if you are planning on using real black fingerprint powder for the project: the powder is not healthy to inhale. I suggest you either wear a painter’s mask or a simple bandana over your nose for safety reasons. If you powder outdoors, be sure not to situate yourself downwind of the powder!

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