Potential Countries International Marketing

Potential Countries International Marketing 1. In this section, your discussion should focus on country screening:
• Identify three (2) potential countries (markets) for OOSCC to enter
In your brief, assess the following factors:
• Compare and contrast each country on important internal and external factors.

Potential Countries International Marketing
Potential Countries International Marketing

• Internal factors include, for example, the OOSCC marketing mix, international experience, resources (strengths and weaknesses)
• External factors include legal, political, cultural, economic, demographic (opportunities and threats).
• You need to focus on analyzing the factors in terms of the strengths and weaknesses of OOSCC (assumptions can be made); and opportunities and threats that
may affect OOSCC’s (positively and negatively) entry into each market. Recognize that all factors are not weighted equally in terms of impact and importance
and your judgment is required
• Consider the competitive environment – direct and indirect
• Evaluate the growth potential for OOSCC’s product line in each market (statistics are required)
• Your analysis is dependent on a deep understanding of the OOSCC company (i.e. consider their capabilities and resources, product fit based on your analysis
of secondary research sources)
• Use Tables, graphs and pie charts for analysis where appropriate
2. Identify One (1) Target Country (Market) for OOSCC to enter In this section:
• After the screening of the three (2) countries is completed, select one (1) country you propose OOSCC should enter
3. Reference List NOT included in the word count.
References cited in the report only should be included. Marks are awarded based on the depth and scope of research.
References need to be formatted according to the Harvard referencing method. See Deakin Handbook for referencing guidelines.

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