Professional Personal Skills Development

Professional Personal Skills Development A reflection on your learning journey in term 1 (how did you engage in your learning journey, which actions/behavior seemed to have been successful, which weren’t, what have you learned about yourself as a student, lessons learned for next term, including an overview of the Negotiated Learning Units you chose for term 2, explaining why you chose them (why are their content relevant to you) and what you expect to learn there that is relevant to your future career as an International Business Innovator.

Professional Personal Skills Development
Professional Personal Skills Development

The format you choose for the reflection is up to you. You can make a written document, but you could also use video, drawings etc., as long as the reflection is complete, clear, and meet the criteria listed further in this document. Whatever format you choose, your reflection should be published in a (password) protected section of your WordPress site. Do NOT submit it as a separate document.
Here we are not looking for you to tell what the study units of term 1 were about or what you (dis)liked about them. We already know what they were about and what you thought of them will be discussed during evaluation sessions throughout the programme. We are looking for a reflection about YOU; what went well, what didn’t, why, what did you learn, etc.?

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