Professional Philosophy Paper Available

Professional Philosophy Paper
Professional Philosophy Paper

Professional Philosophy Paper

Assignment Description

This assignment is designed to help you reflect on and begin to articulate your professional philosophy for an audience of future employers, parents, and/or colleagues. You will use resources from the course (and perhaps other sources as well if you choose) to justify assertions of your philosophy. Your paper should be 2 pages, double spaced.

Organize your paper in the following way:

Brief introduction of yourself and how you came to be interested in studying and becoming a professional in the field of early learning.

Hyeryeong Kwon, Junior, currently in ECFS(early childhood and family studies) major.Interested in the field of early learning and development because…

Three assertions [a confident and forceful statement of fact or belief] as to why the field of early childhood and family studies is important, and cited justification to support your argument for why they are important. Organize each assertion section by first stating your assertion and then elaborating upon it using course readings and content to support this assertion.

– please pick them from the uploaded files.

o          Example: Assertion #1: Recent research has provided evidence on the importance of the first 2000 days of life: [next, elaborate on this idea using the readings or course content to support this claim/assertion and cite which sources you are using] State in what way the field of early learning is important in addressing this claim.

You must use at least 3 readings (and cite them as references within and at the end of your paper) from the course as justificationí for your philosophy’s assertions. You may also use information from other sources in the course (PowerPoint, videos from sessions, other documents) but you must choose 3 from the following readings:

Adelman, L., Lomonaco, C. G., & von Hemert, C. (2011). The raising of America: Early childhood & the future of our nation: Executive Summary. Retrieved on August 10, 2014 from

Allen, L., & Kelly, B. B. (2015). Transforming the workforce for children birth through age 8: A unifying foundation. Washington, DC: National Academies Press. Retrieved from

Childrenís Defense Fund. (2017). The state of Americaís children, 2017. Retrieved on September 15, 2018 from

Espinosa, L. (2010). The changing face of early childhood in the United States: New promises, new pitfalls. In [author] Getting it RIGHT for young children from diverse backgrounds: Applying research to improve practice (pp. 9-26). Old Tappan, NJ: Pearson.

National Scientific Council on the Developing Child. (2007). The science of early childhood development: Closing the gap between what we know and what we do. Retrieved on November 15, 2015 from

Tout, K., Halle, T., Daily, S., Albertson-Junkans, L., & Moodie, S., (2013). The research base for a birth through age eight state policy framework. Child Trends. Retrieved on September 15, 2015 from

A concluding paragraph that shares what professional/career path you are considering as a way to make a contribution to the field.

A reference list of the readings you used, using APA format [remember to put the sources in alphabetical order by first author’s last name].

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