Psychology Research Skills Module

Psychology Research Skills Module Research Proposal for Psychology –
The research proposal must be 1500 words (excluding the reference list).
APA referencing style must be used.

Psychology Research Skills Module
Psychology Research Skills Module

Once I accept a writers bid I will upload my literature review in the form of a PowerPoint presentation as well as my proposal template in the additional files section.
The research proposal must have a quantitative approach.

Psychology Research Skills Module Question

My research question is: ‘Is non-clinical therapy effective in preventing women from committing suicide within prison?’.
Once you have applied the methodology and have tested it correctly and the results come out accurately, then put forward a hypothesis.
However, the methodologies do not need to be done in real life, they just need to be able to be accurate and testable because if someone were to apply the methodology, they should be able to test it and results should come out accurately.
Important tips:
• The methodology used for my research proposal should be possible for the next researcher to replicate the given methodology and produce the same findings.
• A well designed and carried out methodology should result in the same or very similar outcomes every time.

Psychology Research Skills Module Paper Format

For this research proposal, APA referencing must be used.
For me to get 70% and above, my research proposal must demonstrate an excellent and detailed discussion of relevant literature which is well structured and coherently presented throughout, leading to a well-defined rationale for the proposed project and it must also demonstrate an excellent understanding of the content and structure of psychological research reports. The content of the proposal must also be detailed and takes into consideration relevant ethical and practical implications of the research

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