Public Economics and Taxation Reforms

Public Economics and Taxation Reforms I will will add all the necessary requirements and my class lecture. This is a term paper, so it is related to some class lecture.

Public Economics and Taxation Reforms
Public Economics and Taxation Reforms

After you read the necessary requirements you will understand. The goal of this assignment is to construct a clear, well-argued essay that allows you to apply the tools in this class to a real world scenario. You must write a smooth, owing essay with a thoughtfully composed thesis statement. A complete essay will include all of the following elements:
an informative title, an excellent introduction and conclusion, and a body of the essay that provides
thoughtful analysis of your thesis.
You are an advisor to the President of the United States or advisor to the Governor of a
particular state. As such, many different proposals for tax reforms come across your desk. It is
your job to analyze them and recommend whether the President or Governor should endorse the
reforms. For this assignment, you will pick one very speci fic reform that has been proposed and
provide thoughtful analysis of the merits and drawbacks of the reform and its effects. To complete
this assignment, proceed as follows:

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