Quantum Cryptography Eavesdropping

Quantum Cryptography Eavesdropping (1) How does quantum cryptography eliminate the problem of eavesdropping in traditional cryptography?

Quantum Cryptography Eavesdropping
Quantum Cryptography Eavesdropping

(2) What are the limitations or problems associated with quantum cryptography?

(3) What features or activities will affect both the current and future developments of cryptography?

Grading Criteria Discussion

Maximum Points

Meets or exceeds established assignment criteria. Students of physics can be Students of physics can be excused for finding their quantum mechanics courses a little cryptic from time to time. Now researchers are using the properties of quantum mechanics to encrypt information for secure transmission. While there is not complete agreement on the microscopic mechanism of superconductivity in alkali‐metal‐doped C60, further research may well lead to the production of analogous materials that lose resistance at even higher temperatures.

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