Race and Identity or Voice Argumentative Essay

Race and Identity or Voice Argumentative Essay This is an argumentative essay. I need you to pull quotes from each article in the body paragraphs that support your thesis.

Race and Identity or Voice Argumentative Essay
Race and Identity or Voice Argumentative Essay

You must introduce each quote and have a topic sentence for each body paragraph while have transitioning sentences from paragraph to paragraph. The quotes must be from ONLY be from the article and both authors and they must speak with each other. If you do not understand what I am saying do not take this assignment as the previous writer did not know.

I will attach a previous essay to show what the structure should look like.

I only want you to discuss the body paragraphs in the number of words I give you, no introduction or conclusion.

I will need you to stay in communication with me throughout the weekend so I can begin writing the introduction and conclusion.

Race and Identity or Voice Argumentative Essay Prompt

Zadie Smith suggests that possessing and using multiple voices is a kind of gift, evidence of “freedom” and “empathy” rather than “fraudulence,” while Hua Hsu argues that the affectation of Asian identities by white writers is “perverse.” Given the circumstances that Smith and Hsu respectively cite, these positions are not necessarily irreconcilable, but rather suggest a complex relationship between ideas of race, power, identity, and voice. To what extent are people free to adopt voices and or/identities?

Your response should be five pages in length and reference both articles throughout. You should have a thesis that directly responds to the above question, offering a specific, clearly reasoned answer that does not repeat the wording of the question. Ideally, both authors will be quoted in all, or almost all body paragraphs, in conversation with one another.

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